My first Spoonflower challenge

Spoonflower is an on-demand, digital printing company that prints custom fabric, wall-paper and gift wrap. This company has every week a design challenge focus on unique themes, last week´s theme: Victorian Era.

I was always a big fan of this period: Ornate designs, beautiful floral prints of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement made this era great and memorable. It was no question, I had to create a pattern for this challenge.


The new pattern based on my sketches…


I made the coloring in Adobe Photoshop,then I prepared the seamless pattern. I uploaded the design on the deadline´s day… It was my first challenge. On this Tuesday I shared the pattern in the social media , in a Facebook group and on Instagram. Honest…I couldn´t image that I receive so many positive comments,likes on my design. And yesterday,on the 6 September,2018 was a big day. I received an e-mail from Spoonflower and actually…I won the challenge. It was a very beautiful feeling, I can´t describe it! As a surface pattern designer, I think this is one of the biggest success that you can reach .

My design on the Spoonflower blog:

I want to say a huge thanks for all the designers and costumers who voted for my design ( 338 votes) . 

Link to the design on Spoonflower: